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This is a space I started in 2020 for my communitiy programs, along with thoughts on organizing. Updated weekly.

The Art of Letting Go

By Rick, Feb 24 2020 11:00AM

When struggling to let go of clothes, books or other items, ask yoursef this question.

Would I buy this item today?

If you answered yes, keep it.

If you answered no, let it go.

Rinse and repeat.

When you fill a bag, donate it or give it to a friend or relative.

The more we remove the past. The more we open up our space for the future.

Feb 25 2020 11:14PM by Joyce Woods

Or send to a consignment store!!

Feb 26 2020 12:56PM by Rick Woods

That is a great way to turn your clutter into cash. Just be sure the clothing is relevant, in season and meets the many requirements from various consignment shops.

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