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Transform your home, office and life, with the help of professional organizer, Rick Woods. With 30-plus years’ experience, he will roll up his sleeves, keep you motivated, and make you smile once again.

The objective of The Functional Organizer in Enfield, CT is to aid you in decluttering your home, business, and life in a timely, professional way. Create a functional, healthy, and supportive environment so you can pursue your goals on a daily basis.

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  • Live a more productive, peaceful, and enjoyable life

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Create a healthy, functional, and enjoyable space in your home and in your life

Find relief from stress by removing all that clutter in your home or office

Get Clarity

and Become Organized

Professional Organizer

Welcome to the Functional Organizer. Rick Woods is a Professional Organizer with more than 30 years of experience transforming homes and offices in West Hartford, CT, Longmeadow, MA, and surrounding communities. He will help you find motivation to organize your home or office and gain clarity to achieve your goals in your career and at home.


The residential organizing program is designed to create a healthy, pleasant, and functional space in your home and reduce the clutter that is causing stress and chaos in your life.  Our home organizer will show you how to live a more peaceful life by decluttering the cabinets, closets, garage, basement, and other areas of your home.  You’ll be able to find what you need and focus on what really matters in your life.


Is your office cluttered and disorganized? An organized workspace helps to reduce stress and enhance productivity and creativity. Our office organizer will assess your habits and work with you to develop a plan for work space organizing to make your office more efficient, so you can focus on your business and reach your career goals. You will learn successful strategies for organizing your desks, files, improve planning, and time management.


A complimentary consultation is offered for individuals and businesses to discover what the programs can do for your home and career, and discounts are available for subsequent sessions. Please browse our website to learn how The Functional Organizer can bring organization to your home or office in the West Hartford, CT or Longmeadow, MA areas.