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Longmeadow, MA

The Functional Organizer offers residential organizing and work space organizing in and around Longmeadow, MA. With more than three decades of experience, Professional Organizer, Rick Woods, has the expertise needed to transform your home or office and restore clarity to every area of your life. You will learn the tools to clear away the clutter, create more space in your home or office, and prevent future clutter from creeping back in.


The Residential Clarity program eliminates the clutter that is getting in the way of your life. Working with our home organizer, you will learn to declutter and release emotional attachment to stuff, organize your home, sort purge, and develop a system for paper management, eliminating clutter, and simplifying your life. You will love the freedom of a functional and enjoyable living space.


Our office organizer helps small businesses and entrepreneurs create a functional workspace that supports productivity and creativity. This program is designed to organize your desk and files so that you can better manage your time and focus on the core business tasks without the stress of clutter and disorganization in your office.


We offer a complimentary consultation for organization services for your home or work space in the Longmeadow, MA area. You can read more about our services, view photographs of some of our work, and testimonials from our clients on our website. If you have questions, need additional information, or want to request a complimentary consultation at your home or business, please call the Functional Organizer today at 860-899-8891.

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