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Here what others have to say about working with Rick Woods of The Functional Organizer in Enfield, CT.  Call 860-899-8891 today to find out about a COMPLIMENTARY VIP consultation.


"Rick helped us re-organize our basement and pantry area. We even unearthed some keepsakes I thought were long gone years ago. I can actually see the floor now! He is efficient and has an excellent rapport with people. He is someone we call on when we need advice on how to de-clutter and simplify."

- Denise, Longmeadow, MA


"Rick created a home in my bedroom closet for my large pile of purses and handbags. He measured, purchased, modified, drilled, and installed a system in just a few short hours. Now I know why he is called “The Functional Organizer.”

- Kathy, Westfield, MA


"My mother has been living in the same house for 40 years and she has stored many “junk” items in her garage, rendering it mostly useless as a car storage option. Rick did a great job in helping my mother decide what was important and what wasn’t. In the end, my mother’s garage was easily accessible, could safely fit her car, and was much improved with useful well stored items."

- Ross, Suffield, CT


"Rick is easy to work with, has excellent organizational skills, and has an eye for efficient use of space. He transformed our cluttered garage into an organizational, neat and useful area."

- John, Enfield, CT


"Rick assisted me in clearing 4 rooms in our recent move. He talked with me about each room and we made decisions on what was needed for the new house and what could be donated, consigned or trashed. He was organized, efficient, and offered some helpful advice. He saved me a lot of time and unnecessary stress if I had tackled this project on my own."

- Sue, Glastonbury, CT


"I have struggled with collecting and saving for many years. Rick has continued to stop by and help coach me through the sorting and purging process. Rick is very patient and understands my condition. Now my home is getting back to normal. He is a life changer."

- Betty, Springfield, MA


"Thank you for participating as a speaker at our flu shot plus program in Suffield last week. The feedback from your presentation was very positive. People loved it! I’m sure many will try to incorporate your declutter strategies into their day to day lives."

- Janet, Suffield, CT


"Thank you for helping me tape another successful TV show episode of Creating Cooperative Kids. Many parents are in need of help when it comes to home organization. Your organizational expertise and advice will guide them to make better decisions."

- Bill, Enfield, CT


"Your seminar & book changed my life. Thanks! Took me a week with some 10 hour days, but I persisted with your exercises. Consignment, donation and rented a dumpster too. I went through my entire apartment. Tons of boxes & bags – Gone! You’re the best!

- Conni, Canton, CT


"In regards to our recent move, I just wouldn’t have set aside the time to go through all my things the way Rick did with me. I would have ended up taking all the old stuff with me and reviewing it whenever I had the chance. So pleasant to work with for the three days. He didn’t rush me, yet he was very efficient."

- Sarah, Mansfield, CT

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